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Customized Figurines

3D printing technology has opened up a world of possibilities when it comes to creating customized figurines for marketing and promotional purposes. With 3D printing, it's possible to create highly detailed and accurate figurines that can be used to promote products, services, events, or even individual customers.

Here ,it was the a client from neighboring state . The beside figurine was of a old man , a father and a loving being to his family.

Unfortunately his demise was sad and painful.

The old man’s son was interested to get his fathers figurine to cherish memory . Tried with many other traditional alternatives, but found optimal solution for his needs.

The man found us on via internet and discussed the idea for an hour long call.

Then our process of ideation and process came in and hit the bench mark, After a couple of days the order was transported safely with out any hindrance .

The difficulty level was high at design stage . However the rest part was a pieces of cake.

One popular use case for 3D printed customized figurines is creating replicas of popular characters from movies, TV shows, or video games. This can appeal to fans and collectors, and help to promote a brand or franchise. Another use case is creating customized avatars of customers or social media followers, allowing them to have a physical representation of themselves. This can create a deeper connection between a brand and its audience. 3D printed figurines can also be used to promote events or product launches, creating a unique and eye-catching display that draws attention and generates interest. And finally, customized figurines can be used as gifts for customers, employees, or partners, creating a memorable and unique experience that they will cherish.

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