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RBI Hampi Wall Art

Mesmerized by the beauty of the monument beside? Well, you should be because the work of art , design ,precision of details is mindboggling .Lets get to the backstory of the art. On Tuesday morning we were greeted by RBI employees at our offices requesting for a work that can represent Karnataka for their respective event in their company. However, they had researched on woodcraft sculpture and other fabricators before approaching us .

On a sip of coffee , they expressed their constraints and they were Cost, time of ten days and size pf 5 feet X 4 feet. These are hiccups that occur if chose traditional path of art innovation with detailed intricacy.

Since, on a fifty rupee note we see a iconic Hampi model representing Karnataka on a global scale, the same was adopted their display. This was designed by our designer Mr.Tushar Ganesh with most precision and accuracy in line. Later the parts were printed into 54 individual blocks so as to get the big picture. This was then followed by elegant paint work by Mr. Bhargav sir.

On the D-Day, we received a lot of compliments from our client for our meticulous work. On successful completion of the work we took a moment to look back at the timeline of work. The journey was really a adventurous and fun experience .Getting a 3D wall art in nearly a weeks time , in half the price and also catch peoples attention is now incredibly possible with right place , right time and right people.

What are you waiting for?

Have crazy mad ideas to print and showcase it. We are just a call away.

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